Felice and Boudleaux Bryant

This honour is to start the thread of this exceptional song writing husband and wife team known simply as "The Bryants"

"Rocky Top" by the Bryants


"Rocky Top" by The Everly Brothers


Boudleaux and Felice sing a Medley of their hits

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Felice Bryant on Song writing:


Teddy Bart Interviews Boudleaux and Felice in 1983


Archie Campbell from TNN Interviews Boudleaux and Felice in 1984 - Yesteryear in Nashville

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A rare collaboration between singer and songwriter, Felice and Phil singing "We Could"


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Boudleaux, Charlie Lamb, Kitty Wells, Johnnie Wright at the Wells/Wright home late 1950's. The African American man maybe Jimmy Elledge

Boudleaux with Chet and Martha Carson

Don Reynolds, George Morgan, Wesley Rose, Boudleaux and Eddy Arnold 1957

The Bryants with Wesley Rose
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A stunning photo of Felice and Boudleaux
Milwaukee's dreamy connection to The Everly Brothers' "All I Have To Do Is Dream"
by Matt Wild February 1, 2017 at milwaukeerecord.com

CURRENT, well written, and informative article with focus on Boudleaux and Felice Byrant, as composers. The article is presented as a link to keep videos intact.

"...The Everly Brothers‘ “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” a song as, well, dreamy as its title. It’s the kind of song that’s both overly familiar and endlessly fascinating."


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Boudleaux, Felice and sons

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Boudleaux and Bob Luman

Boudleaux Bryant, Bob Luman and Don

Boudleaux with Charlie Lamb, Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright at the Wells/Wright home in the late 50's. The African American maybe Jimmy Elledge.

Felice, Phil, Boudleaux, and Don.

"They were darling, darling fellas. They were just precious. And talk about talented -- oh, God, were they good. They did our songs so well. Coming out of their mouths, it was pure honey. Anything they put their voices on seemed to blend like custard. I think they could sing the telephone book to me. The blend was unbelievable."

-- songwriter Felice Bryant, from EBs Quotes in Forum
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