"It's Everly Time," 1960, The EBs' first Warner Bros. release

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"It's Everly Time," released April 1, 1960 (no joke!) as WS 1381, along with the EPs"Especially For You" and "Foreverly Yours." "It's Everly Time" ascended to the #9 position on Billboard’s Top LPs chart and climbed all the way to the #2 spot in the UK in a twenty-three-week chart run. It is Don and Phil’s first album on the Warner Brothers label and contains the Everly classic – and Don-penned – "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)." The Bryants contributed no less than six compositions, including the superb ‘Nashville Blues’.

Side 1: So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
Just In Case
Memories Are Made Of This
That’s What You Do To Me
Sleepless Nights
What Kind Of Girl Are You.

Side 2: Oh, True Love
Carol Jane
Some Sweet Day
Nashville Blues
You Thrill Me (Through And Through)
I Want You To Know.

Highest chart positions: US: 9; UK: 2.

Warner Bros., established as the recording arm of the famous American movie studio Warner Bros. Pictures, was struggling by 1960, and looking for a big hit out of a big signed act. Everlypedia:

"Warner Bros. now turned to rock ‘n’ roll acts in hopes of advancing its sales but their first signing, Bill Haley, was by then past his prime and failed to score any hits. The label was more fortunate with its next signing, the Everly Brothers, whom Warner Bros. secured after the end of their previous contract with Cadence Records. In an uncharacteristically bold move, Herman Starr effectively gambled the future of the company by approving what was reputed to be the first million-dollar contract in music history, which guaranteed the Everly Brothers $525,000 against an escalating royalty rate of up to 7 percent, well above the industry standard of the day. Luckily the Everlys’ first Warner Bros. single, "Cathy’s Clown," was a smash hit, going to #1 in the U.S. and selling more than eight million copies, and their debut Warner Bros. album "It's Everly Time," reached #9 on the album chart. It was numbered WB1 in the UK."

It is said The EBs alone saved Warner Bros. Records from going under in 1960.

The photogenic brothers apparently had a lengthy photo session for the album's cover. These are just some from my EBs photo file:

My favorite selections from the album.

The last link below is to the whole album, from Chris' thread in Forum, Everly Brothers Albums.
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Liner notes, and a link to an entry on a 10-album list of The EBs.
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I love this album. After Don's fantastic "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad), which quickly became an EBs' standard, my favorites are a Bryant trio: "Sleepless Nights," "Some Sweet Day," and my top pick: "You Thrill Me (Through and Through).
I agree with you, Mary. I also like Memories Are Made of This (a very good version), Nashville Blues, and What Kind of Girl Are You; a Ray Charles classic. I always like to put What Kind of Girl Are You together with the other girl song, You're My Girl. Both What Kind of Girl Are You and You're My Girl are also on the Walk Right Back Warner Bros. Archives 1960-1969 album.
Love all of the photos posted here.
It is indeed a fine album, with clear diction and great material. It was at that point that you thought it might never end with the songs coming at you forever, but alas it was not to be after the Beatles and others came on the scene. I am not complaining that much as things must move on. What is annoying and depressing is that many more fine songs were written and recorded for the rest of the decade and only a few registered. It happened of course for other great acts like Roy Orbison and even Elvis. It is quite surprising to me that on some occasions my grand daughter and her friends stop when Sounds of the Sixties is on on Saturdays and they know some of the words.
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I noticed you commented at the very beginning of the thread that this must have been a lengthy photo session. I have thought the same too. Lots of photos and all very good ones. They look so spiffy in these photos.
More photos from the very prolific cover photo session for "It's Everly Time."

Are we having problems with "likes" in Forum? I had quite a few that did not have a "like" on them and I can't believe I missed them but maybe I did. I need to go through all of these and pick a favorite; I know that will be hard to do that.
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