"Beat & Soul," 1965.

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"Beat & Soul," originally released as Warner Bros album #W/WS 1605 in August 1965. (t was re-released on CD in 2005 on the Collectors' Choice Music label.) Don told NME at the time that the album was, “a lot of old songs, redone. It’s going back to some of the things I don’t think the fans have ever heard; we think it’s one of our best.” The album failed to chart in the UK, however, in the U.S. it became their first charting LP since 1962’s "Golden Hits," even if it only made it to a meagre #141.

Don: “My favourite albums on Warners could be "Rock 'n' Soul," "Beat & Soul," and "In Our Image." Those three albums. I like that series of albums we did in the sixties, which really never saw the light of day. That period is good.” (Liner notes for 2005 "Rock 'n' Soul"/"Beat & Soul" twofer.) Earlier he had stated, “I think the stuff we did on the "Rock 'n' Soul" and "Beat & Soul" albums was some of our best. That was our best period, I like the albums right through to "Two Yanks in England." Phil and I were writing together. We wrote "Gone Gone Gone" and then had quite a run of songs that were worthwhile but no hits.”

Highest chart positions: US: 141.

Side 1:
Love Is Strange
What Am I Living For
High Heel Sneakers
C.C. Rider
Lonely Avenue

Side 2:
Man With Money
People Get Ready
My Babe
Walking The Dog
I Almost Lost My Mind
The Girl Can't Help It

The last link is to the whole album, from Chris' thread in Forum, Everly Brothers Albums.
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I am a big fan of "Beat & Soul." My personal favorite songs are the selections above: "My Babe," "Walking the Dog," "People Get Ready," and "Love is Strange." Every time I play this album, my mood improves. It is so enjoyable.
I have to agree with Mary about favorites. I also like Man With Money. This album is a terrific album and another one that manages to stay close to the top of my rather large piles of CDs. One pile is for the favorite of favorites, I guess you could say. lol
Thanks Mary and also Chris for the use of her link in her Everly Brothers' Albums thread (also in Forum).

Alternative shot from the "Beat & Soul" cover session, used for the "Chained to a Memory" box set book.

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