"Stories We Could Tell," 1972.

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" "Stories We Could Tell," (the album). Released in February/March 1972 as RCA LSP-4620. Phil told the NME (New Musical
Express) in September 1971: “It’s difficult to describe – but I think it’s the best LP we’ve done for about five years. It’s being produced by Paul Rothchild who is a really good producer – he’s done stuff for the Doors and he’s also produced the new John Sebastian album. But even if the production is good, it doesn’t necessarily follow it’s going to be a hit. We’ll wait and see.”

The making of it was not exactly a breeze with production taking a long time. Don and Phil said the following: Don: “It reads like the cast of "Ben Hur" on that on that record. You couldn’t hear anybody. One or two of the tracks I felt you didn’t know Phil and I were on it.” “The album took over nine months get done. I think that sometimes people have to justify their existence. It became agony and painful during that period.”

Phil: “It was a bloody war. I mean, it was a war with people leaving the studio and all that. It was one of the worst periods of my life. The tension was so much that when I woke up in the morning I was so tense my body was in cramps and I couldn’t straighten my leg out. That’s how bad it was. It was hell on earth. There was a lot of hanky-panky about the business part too, which was difficult.”

But don’t let these comments fool you: the result is beyond any doubt a superb country-rock album, one of their best!! Listen to "Green River" or the magnificent "Breakdown" – and don’t forget the equally great "Brand New Tennessee Waltz," "Del Rio Dan," and "Ridin’ High." "

Side 1: All We Really Want To Do
Green River
Mandolin Wind
Up In Mabel’s Room
Del Rio Dan

Side 2: Ridin’ High
Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Three-Armed Poker-Playin’ River Rat
I’m Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Stories We Could Tell

The last link below is to the whole album, from the Everly Brothers Albums thread in Forum.
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Gram Parsons' hand-written lyrics to "Stories We Could Tell," for use in concert.

Liner notes and reviews.

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Audio only: Don and Phil perform "Stories" and "Tennessee Waltz," and do an interview, on The Dick Cavett Show, May 3, 1972. This is important because it is one of the few times that Don speaks frankly about his drugs struggles about 10 years earlier.
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I had very mixed feelings about it when I bought it and played it for the first few times on my old record player. Some of the tracks appeared a bit difficult to hear but I had read this from Don Everly somewhere and the bits about the album taking so long to make, hence their return to Chet Atkins for the Chicken one. After all these years and some enhancements on CDs I believe it is in fact a fine album. The Caseys second effort was not included but I never knew that until a few years ago. They did of course open their live shows with Green River for a number of years after they dropped The Price of Love. If this had come out in the early 60s can you imagine what a hit it would have been
I believe the Stories We Could Tell and Pass the Chicken & Listen albums are their very best albums before the split. Their voices are at their prime. I love every track on each album. Those two albums get a workout in my car, although Walk Right Back (which has 2 CDs) has been getting a very heavy workout for about a month now. My grandkids have gotten into a lot of tracks on those 2 CDs.

I am so happy to have 2 other members in my family who have gotten into the Everly Brothers--even if it is grandkids. The grownups like the Everlys but they are not into them like the grandkids are...of course, they are in my car, traveling, so they have no option but to listen. lol But if they did not like the music, they would not hesitate to tell me they don't want to listen to it...they are singing and/or humming it. I think they have picked up on the Everlys because their music is very enjoyable, some are very addictive, easy to sing, and the lyrics of their songs are easily heard (not some mumble jumble of words) because the Everlys' used very good diction with their singing. Rarely do I have to look up the lyrics.
From a site on EBs band member Waddy Wachtel:

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Wonder how many more did not make the above photo--probably because the line was out the door. I am sure Don and Phil would wholeheartedly agree. Smile Looks like a lot are already there.
My favourite song on "Stories We Could Tell" was written by Don & Phil. It is so good I would like to give it a comment all on its own.

(Don & Phil Everly) Recorded 27th August 1971 at Elektra Sound Studios, Los Angeles. The EBs recorded an early version on 1st
July 1968 - possibly for inclusion on the ROOTS album. This track has never been issued and is presumed lost. The 1971 version can
be found on the STORIES WE COULD TELL album; it is the last Don-Phil songwriting collaboration that was issued. As noted below
Ry Cooder provides some amazing slide guitar on this track. Ry Cooder (guitar); Wayne Perkins (guitar); Buddy Gene Emmons
(steel guitar); Chris Ethridge (bass); Johnny Barbata (drums); Barry Beckett (keyboards). Producer: Paul A. Rothchild;
engineer: Fritz Richmond. Overdub session 20th December 1971: Ry Cooder (slide guitar). Producer: Paul A. Rothchild; engineer:
Fritz Richmond.
Don: “‘Green River’ is my favourite off that whole thing. ‘Green River’ to me…that’s me and Phil at that particular time, just
the sound of it. I decided to go back to G-tuning. (…) I remember having sort of an idea (for the song and) telling Phil about it in
Canada. We were in Canada somewhere and I showed him (sings intro). I don’t know how enthusiastic he was about it – you’ll have to
ask him. I had this riff and stuff going on the guitar.”
Phil: “I don’t think Don and I were in tune as much as we should have been. That was like in a waning period. There were
other lyrical verses that I would like to have done. But, the idea was, you know - we were just on the verge of being smart. We were
just this far away from it. It’s still one of my favourite things when the band goes into that big long thing at the fade. That could have
gone on forever as far as I was concerned – I loved that part.” (Quotes from the CHAINED TO A MEMORY box set liner notes, 2006.)

The recorded version of "Green River"

A live version from a Manchester concert - they had started to open all concerts with "Green River" instead of "Price of Love"

An extended version from Erik Tielman - thank you Erik so great to hear more of this song spliced together:

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Lyrics for:

"Green River"

My father's father's on the front porch rockin'
A friend drops by; two old men talkin'
Remembering so many other summer days
Grandma's in the kitchen cookin'
Hound-dog's on the back porch lookin'
The rooster crows the same time every day

Green River you're still my home
I miss you
Green River why did I roam?
I miss you

Sun sets slow on bluegrass meadows
Lamps are lit and casting shadows
We say goodbye to another perfect day

Green River you're still my home
Green River why did I roam?
Green River some day I'll come home
To stay

Green River you're still my home
Green River why did I roam?
Green River some day I'll come home
To stay

I never knew until you published that what the third line was.
I thought it was
Remembering so many others of their day
Strange to realise these things after all these years
I could never understand Del Rio Dan at all and played it over and over
Some parts of the album are difficult to hear properly but it is after all these years a masterpiece even though the boys seemed to have mixed views about it and it took so long to complete
Colin I thought for years and years that one line in the song "Gone gone gone" was "Don's moved on" and the real line is "Done Moved on". We never had computers to check lyrics in those days. I know some records came with lyrics even way back when Colin. We live and learn!
Colin, you must have a very poor quality of either a CD or an LP (? not sure which one you might have mentioned). I have the Stories We Could Tell CD and it is fantastic. I love it, Pass the Chicken, and Roots in that order. I have come to like the first two a tad more than the Roots album (but no mistake--I still love Roots, especially the Ventura Boulevard track) because I think the Everlys' voices had gotten perhaps a tad more mature and the arrangements on both albums are very good. I know Don and Phil probably wanted to bury their heads when they did Stories but it is an excellent album. Perhaps my Stories and Pass the Chicken are remastered tracks. They appear to be lost in my house because I can't seem to locate them right now so I can't confirm whether or not they were remastered tracks.
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You might be right Lenore
My Vinyl is from the day it came out in 1972 and has been played over and over. I have it on CD in various forms, three or four but do not play the remastered version on the big box sets as it takes so long to unwrap it all from the boxes. Either that or I am just going deaf
Colin, a lot of their tracks have been remastered on reissued albums so you don't have to rely on the expensive boxed sets. Look for them on eBay or Amazon. I think the reissues have definitely been remastered. If they have the Rhino label on the album, I am almost willing to bet they are remastered tracks. Perhaps the Polydor label, too; but I am not as sure about it as I am the Rhino label.
Need to clarify: My comment above refers to CDs. I have no idea about vinyls. I use only CDs because I can carry them back and forth to my car/house. I don't have a turn-table and refuse to buy one even though I know the vinyls have made a revival and might be better quality. But I have to dispute that because my CD remasters are excellent in sound quality and I don't think that is true about one being better than the other...it does not matter enough to me that I want to buy the vinyls at this point in my life.
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