Bo Diddley, "The Originator" of rock and roll, & huge influence on The EBs

I am so glad that we have the Everlypedia to use for a source of information on the EBs. I don't run into a lot of misinformation there. If anything, perhaps more of a lack of information but they do want people to furnish info. I have to agree about kudos to them. I use the Everlypedia to settle a lot of my personal arguments with myself when it comes to the musicians who played on the EBs' tracks. lol The musicians they used throughout their career have always interested me a whole lot and I do a lot of digging on them and looking up information on them. They always used the best musicians.

Bo Diddley on stage with Don and Phil during the 1990s.

Bo Diddley joins Don at a Central City thumb picking contest in 1993, first seen at 2:15 in the video.

This photo of Bo Diddley was taken at B. B. King's Blues Club in New York City in 2006. Bo Diddly passed away in June 2008.
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Thought this had already been posted here. It's a must see!

Please click below for Bo Diddley in True Kings of Rock episode:

Re: his rectangular guitar preposterous "design",

Guess it took a professional like Leo Fender to come up with the extraordinary ideas that culminated in the famous Fender Stratocaster!

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Ricardo A-Priori
This is a very enjoyable and entertaining interview with Bo Diddley. I recall a lot of the references he used in this interview. Particularly his reference to "penny candy"; with a penny, you could buy a bag full of candy.
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