"Rock 'n' Soul," 1965.

Nice to see another contributor. Actually In Our Image is an album that gets forgotten quite a bit. The Power of Love is a great example of a single that did not register when it was quite brilliant. Another one that came too late. Jamie is right that a few albums from around that time were excellent
I have played "In Our Image" vinyl both sides twice tonight Colin. I too like the "Power of Love".
If I had to choose between "Beat & Soul" and "Rock & Soul" I think "Beat" wins it by just a little, but there are 2 of my favourite songs on "Rock", ha ha 2!!. Always hard to choose!
Jamie, that was said not quite right on my part. We would love to see your comments all over the website and not just in Forum. I am sure you might not want to get in the middle of all the women's comments about the Everlys' photos with their good looks, great hair, tight jeans, and whatever else seems to turn us on but I am sure you could find something to say about their photos. Even if it is "it's a great photo." Sometimes that's all I can say myself.
After mentioning "The Everly Brothers Sing" I got it out to refresh my memory of the tracks on it. Bowling Green was a single from it. In my opinion the best tracks are Devil's Child, It's All Over and Talking To The Flowers. Also in '67 an album called "The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers" was released. Stand out tracks for me are Devil's Child, Legend In My Time and Let's Go Get Stoned. Then in '68 the excellent "Roots" album was released. I know that, like me, many of the people on this site have been Everly fans since the '50's but there are some fans that were not even born then. If they are not familiar with the brothers work from the 60's they really should check it out. It really defines what made them great.
Jamie good to learn that youngsters are getting into these 60s albums which were great but did not sell well as the Brit Sound was everything
I should however point out that Devil's Child was on the Hit Album only and not on the Sing one. Just being a bit picky sorry. If you have not done so the Two Yanks in England is definitely worth a mention. Pretty Flamingo was just as good as the Manfreds version
I agree entirely with you about Roots. The album is a pathfinder and now has cult following
Colin, you have mis-read my post. I clearly state that Devil's Child is on Hit Sound. Two Yanks in England has some excellent tracks on it. Pretty Flamingo certainly is as good as Manfred Mann's version. It's funny to think that the British invasion that helped to deminish the Everlys popularity was led by artists that were so influenced by them.
Colin, Just realised why you thought I had put Devil's Child on both albums. It was my brain getting ahead of my fingers! Sorry for the mis-understanding.
No apologies needed Jamie. Nice to see your interest. Actually my daughter plays their stuff a lot. Snaffled a lot of my CDS!!
Most of those who used to correspond with me about the output have now stopped in recent years. I have not checked where they are as they might not be with us!!
If you are looking for something you cannot find let me know. I get out and about quite a bit looking for vinyl here in South Wales and you never know what you might find


From the photo shoot for the album's back cover.
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