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ADDITIONAL PHOTOS from The Dean Martin Show with the appearance of the EVERLY BROTHERS

SEE THE ENTIRE VIDEO in this thread: Page 1, Quote #5. It is HIGHLY entertaining!!

The Everlys perform "Mama Tried" and are then joined by their host for a medley of "Bye Bye Love" and "Your Cheatin' Heart". For the finale, the Everlys sing, "Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore" in their own comedic skit, with Phil playing the double bass!!!! Guests (including actor, Ernest Borgnine, and crazy comedian, Paul Lynde) get into Yankee Doodle Dandy mode with the other guest stars. The show was a mixture of great singing performances, jokes, and sheer, silly fun! (1970)


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SHINDIG Guest Appearance of the Everly Brothers, along with CHUCK BERRY, who just passed away Saturday, March 18, 2017.


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The Everly Brothers appeared on the show "Rollin' on the River". In the fall of 1972 the title was shortened to "Rollin'". The show was filmed aboard a Riverboat and the Pilot for the show was 1971.


May 4, 1971 - ROLLIN' ON THE RIVER - A variety hour featuring Kenny Rogers and The First Edition, Al Hirt, Pat Paulsen and Diane Brooks with thirteen songs and a number of comedy sketches. Diane Brooks sings "Twenty-five Or Six To Four" and then joins Kenny Rogers for a duet of "Something." Al Hirt and Kenny Rogers and The First Edition give renditions of "Proud Mary" and "Down By The Riverside." Hirt offers "Tin Roof Blues" and "Jazz Me Blues." Other highlights of the trip include Rogers and The First Edition doing "Heed the Call", "Ruby Talk", and "Camptown Races"; Hirt and Rogers do "Night Life"; Paulsen and Hirt do a thing called "Hirts-Rent-A-Horn" and Paulsen issues one of his jawbreaking monologues. The hour closes with the entire cast giving their all for a rousing rendition of "Mississippi".

Sep 25, 1972 - Guests are The Everly Brothers.

They start with the song "Stories We Can Tell" then onto "Honky Tonk Woman", they close the show with them all singing "Wake Up Little Susie"

The Riverboat Queen on the Mississippi River

Kenny Rogers and the 1st Edition

Kenny Rogers and the 1st Edition with BB King

June 23rd 2012

The hour is 11:30 on this Saturday night aboard the American Queen, somewhere south of Natchez, Miss. The dance floor in the Grand Saloon is deserted, and a lone man sits in the 24-hour Front Porch lounge, reading a paperback novel. The evening's holdouts, perhaps 30 people who like most of the passengers appear to be 55 or older, are in the Engine Room Bar.

Jackie Bankston, who plays the piano, and Bob Schad, who plays guitar, are singing the '70s Kenny Rogers song, "Lucille," which has roused these last-to-bed passengers into a sing-along. Only one couple is dancing, laughing and jabbing their index fingers accusingly at each other during the chorus, "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille …" while most of the crowd sings along with Jackie.

Behind them, visible through six large portholes, a red paddlewheel turns, kicking up a constant spray of muddy water from the Mississippi River.

The American Queen, the largest passenger steamboat ever built, has returned to service on the Mississippi River, propelled by a vintage 1932 steam engine and a true paddle wheel. Taken out of service in 2008 when the federal government foreclosed on the ship and steam boating appeared to be dead, the American Queen is the first passenger steamboat to make regular overnight cruises on the river in four years.

A new company with some old river boating hands bought the boat for $15.5 million, spent $6 million on renovations, and put it back into service on the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers at a time when river cruising is exploding in popularity in Europe and elsewhere.

Well-off veteran cruisers, history buffs, steamboat lovers and Americans who prefer a domestic vacation are buying up berths; some cruises are sold out.
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Photos and information are fantastic! Great research, Chris!
I wish the taping of this show were available for us to see! The photos are terrific, so I'm sure the video would be also, especially in color!!!
I would like to congratulate and say thank you to Gloria for putting this lasting tribute of Chuck Berry here on the site and thank her for finding and posting the 8 minute video clip of the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry and James Brown. Thank you Gloria for doing this in recognition of Chuck Berry. Maybe other members may take a look at 62# where this recognition is.
Thank you. That early period of the birthing of Rock and Roll had such a tremendous impact world-wide, like an explosion at that point and expanding outwards, continuously, it seems. The ongoing entwining of the EVERLY BROTHER's musical influences is amazing!

Ricardo has mentioned the big Rock and Roll festivals in Mexico, and shared a great story of his interaction with Chuck Berry in 1992 (in Forum:CELEBRATING page 39). The videos of Phil with Dean Read in Germany with their famous singers doing Rock songs in English (also on page 39) emphasize this influence, as well as the Netherlands, France, etc. The EBs are popular in Costa Rica today - some of their music videos are often played in restaurants.

The initial inductees into the ROCK and ROLL HALL OF FAME 1986, in Cleveland, Ohio. are group of unforgettable, original RnR artists: Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, the EVERLY BROTHERS, and of course, CHUCK BERRY, plus others, whose music still plays on as first released or as covers. (Clip below -which maybe elsewhere in this website-is of Everlys induction into R N R Hall of Fame.)

How proud the Everly Brothers should be to have pioneered and grown through nearly 60 years of musical changes, and still be honored and imitated!

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Page 2 #26 - Thank your Lucky Stars show

I have just found another photo which was not known which show it was connected to until now. I have placed it on Page 2 #26 with the rest of the photos for the show "Thank Your Lucky Stars"

One day we may find a song to go with the photos and information about the show. This was a show which Brian Matthews hosted.

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