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A photo to add to the "Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour" show with the Everly Brothers Page 4 #60

Being about the same age and being in the same profession as the Everly Brothers, the Smothers Brothers did have much in common besides the obvious! Wish they had done more work together!

Some updates on the Smothers Brothers:

n 2003, the brothers were awarded the George Carlin Freedom of Expression Award from the Video Software Dealers’ Association. The award recognizes the brothers' “extraordinary comic gifts and their unfailing support of the First Amendment.” In the same year, they both received Honorary Doctorate Degrees from San Jose State University. The Boston Comedy Festival presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the brothers in 2008.[4]

In September 2008, during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, Tommy Smothers, a lead writer of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, was belatedly awarded a 1968 Emmy for Outstanding Writing In A Comedic Series. The award was presented to him by Steve Martin, one of the show's original writers. In 1968, Tommy Smothers had refused to let his name be on the list of writers nominated for the Emmy because he felt his name was too controversial, and thus when the writing staff won he was the only member not to receive the award.[4][23]

The Smothers Brothers were inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2010.

Smothers Brothers in later years
Two more photos to add to the show "Chet with Friends" on Page 2 #30

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New photos of Phil from the lunchtime show in the UK "Pebble Mill At One". All these photos will be placed into the correct place - Page 3 #44

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The Johnny Cash Summer Replacement Show by the Everly Brothers 1970.

Show 5 in 3 parts - in video section also

Part 1
Bye, Bye Love, Ike & Tina Turner Review, Melanie, Fred Smoot, Bobby Sherman, EB's singing (Lady Madonna), Ike & Tina Turner Review, Joe Higgins, Melanie.

Part 2
Mr Bojangles, Sweet Baby James, Bobby Sherman, (BS and EB's) Melanie singing "Christopher Robin", Fred Smoot.

Part 3
continued Fred Smoot, Ike & Tina Turner Review, EB's sing "That's be the Day", Aunt Hattie, EB's sing "People Get Ready", Bobby Sherman.

Alternative link for US on Part 1
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Some photos highlighting Part 1 of the Johnny Cash Summer Replacement Show by The Everly Brothers. See #81
Artists featured in Part 1: Tina & Ike Turner, Melanie

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A few featured photos from the 2nd video of the Johnny Cash Summer Replacement Show by The Everly Brothers. See #81

This part begins with a solo by Don Everly, followed by Bobby Sherman (with swans), Melanie singing with Phil and Don, and finishes with comedian, Fred Smoot.

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From Part 3 of The Johnny Cash Summer Replacement Show by the Everly Brothers 1970 (see #81)

Highlights: the funny Fred Smoot, the energetic Tina Turner, humorous Aunt Hattie, and The Everly Brothers in song

"Pebble Mill at One" featured lunchtime show on Page 3 #44 - new photos to add to the quote piece.

Phil with a big smile and a playful cheeky look!! Smile

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This video clip from the Ed Sullivan show on October 29th 1961.

Phil and Don sing:

"Don't Blame me"
"Bye, Bye Love"
Another addition to add to the Ed Sullivan Show on Page 1 #11 from 1971

Phil and Don singing "Bowling Green"

The year is titled incorrectly on the video.
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Another photo to add to the Petula Clark show on Page 1 #5

Gazing into Phil's eyes.........

A photo which is on the opening sequence of this site and a new one to add to "Thank Your Lucky Stars" with Brian Matthews on Page 2 #26

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