"Bowling Green," 1967, with recording studio photos

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"Bowling Green,"(Terry Slater and Jacqueline Ertel, but almost certainly Phil Everly) Recorded March 22, 1967 at United Recording Corporation Studio A, Hollywood, CA and released as WB 7020 on 5th April 1967 with "I Don’t Want To Love You" as the B-side. It was the first song in a long time to make the charts, reaching the #40 position on Billboard (even topping some radio charts in Canada!).

James E Burton (guitar); Glen Campbell (guitar); Alvin W. “Al” Casey (guitar); Jay Lacy (guitar); Don Lanier (guitar); Charles “Chuck” Berghofer (bass); Terry Slater (bass); Hal Blaine (drums); Jack Sargent (percussion); Don Randi (harpsichord); Jules Jacob (reeds); Jay Migliori (reeds); backing vocals: unknown. Producer: Dick Glasser; engineer: Eddie Brackett; arranger: Al Capps.

The studio version can be found on "The Everly Brothers Sing" but listen to an excellent live version on"The Everly Brothers Show" album. They also did a great rendition on the 1970 ABC TV show "Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers" (show no. 1) and last but not least, hear Phil do the lead and harmony vocal on the demo of this track which appears on the 2006 Bear Family box set "Chained To A Memory." It makes one wonder if this song would not have been better without the backing vocals and orchestration that cluttered the single version.

Phil: “ "Bowling Green" comes from this guitar riff that I was showing Terry (Slater). Terry took it and wrote this melody. It was the first thing we knocked off together, you know. The song gets a lot of covers.”
Don: “That got off the ground. It was nice to have something that you could hear on radio actually.” (Both quotes from: "Chained To A Memory" box set liner notes.)

"Bowling Green" would be the last time The EBs would crack the Hot 100, until 1984. The song is about Bowling Green, KY, a city approximately 60 miles from the Everly Brothers' hometown area of Central City, KY.

With session player Glen Campbell, pre-"Wichita Lineman," "Galveston," etc.

"The Ed Sullivan Show," June 1969.

Chequers Nightclub, Sydney, Australia, 1968.

"Music Scene," 1969.
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Sadly, on this second clip, the audio quality is not good, but all things "Bowling Green" need to be here.
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Bowling Green has become a song that my youngest grandson (age 3 but will be 4 on Dec. 12) has picked up as to the lyrics. The other day in his carseat in my car on our way home: That man sure is lucky to be in KenLucky (lol)...ching, ching, ching. Ivan was in the backseat too and he and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing.
I thought the demo was Phil and Terry Slater?

With guitarist James Burton.
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I was always given to understand that the demo was by Phil and Terry Slater but I will have to check on that as most of the session players are shown on the box sets
I was on the beach in the Gower when this came out as a single. Nothing much had been played here for a couple of years and it was refreshing to learn that they were still making good records

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Another shot from the recording session.

Another shot of Don and Glen Campbell from the recording session.
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The books with the box sets has many of these photos
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