"Bowling Green," 1967, with recording studio photos

This video cannot be posted on this site to Videos, and requires Facebook for viewing, which, sadly, may be limiting for some. But this "Bowling Green" clip of The EBs with Glen Campbell, from his TV show "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour," should be on the song's thread.

The EBs were guests on this clip broadcast July 28, 1968, on "The Summer Smothers Brothers Show," the precursor to "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour," which ran from 1969-1972. (Campbell took over The Smothers Brothers' show time slot after they were cancelled by CBS.)


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They didn't do it on tours for many years here as they opened with The Price of Love as they did in the Reunion. Around the mid 90s they started the show with Green River Bowling Green and Kentucky
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