The EBs and RCA Victor Studio B, Nashville

RCA Victor Studio B is a recording studio in Nashville, TN where The EBs recorded many of their early Cadence hits in the late 1950s. A few years later, the studio became famous in the 1960s for being a part of what many refer to as "The Nashville Sound," popularizing and modernizing early country music with more background vocals, strings, and modern recording techniques. RCA Studios and The Nashville Sound helped establish Nashville as an international recording center. The EBs were the first rock and roll act to come out of Nashville recording studios. The studio is on the National Register for Historic Places.

Don and Phil seen through the window.

Archie Bleyer

With guitarists Hank Garland and Chet Atkins.

Chet Atkins with sound engineer Bill Porter.

Chet Atkins, studio session musician Pig Robbins, Billy Harlan, Don, and songwriter JD Loudermilk.

Chet Atkins

Note the famous checkered floor of the studio.
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The A Team - The Nashville Studio Legends sat in Studio B talking over old times in the studio and recording with all the artists.

This clip lasts for 8.46 and is full of history between them all.
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Session men offline - Nashville

Quite often the forgotten people who made a difference.
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RCA and Studio B tour and Country Hall of Fame 2014
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RCA Studio B tour - Nashville
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Great photos in this clip and the Everly Brothers singing "Let it be me"
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Floyd Cramer's 'Last Date' at Studio B

In 1960, a 26-year-old Floyd Cramer wrote and recorded this song... in this studio... on this piano... with Chet Atkins as producer. How amazing it is to play Grandad's "Last Date" with Chet's great-niece Meagan Taylor and Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie McCoy at Historic RCA Studio B!

Another clip with Floyd Cramer playing piano
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Elvis in Studio B - Nashville - Part 1

Elvis in Studio B Part 2
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Chet Atkins and Claes Neeb in Studio B Nashville

Chet taking Claes Neeb around
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Jim Reeves at RCA Studio B - Chet Atkins in this clip too
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This is a 20 minute clip which is very good

Directed by Jake Coco & recorded and filmed in the legendary Studio B where Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins, Eddy Arnold, and the Everly Brothers have recorded. I was asked by Google to take part in an exclusive YouTube pop-up recording and filming session. Hope you enjoy the video of my song "Just Two Kids"
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A new photo from the same recording session as posted above.
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Billy Harlan, on recording at Studio B, his childhood friends The EBs, and his renewed music career.
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