The EBs on "The Archie Bleyer Show," with other Cadence Records artists, February 1959

Cadence Records' Archie Bleyer and the label's artists traveled to Europe on tour in February 1959, and recorded "The Archie Bleyer Show" in Sweden.

The EBs join in snapping their fingers behind Andy Williams' crooning at the 1.25 minute mark, then perform "All I Have To Do Is Dream" at the 3:30 minute mark in the complete show link below. (Don appears to touch Phil's arm, at the 5:05 mark, to make sure he steps away from the piano and the camera, as Bleyer begins clapping his hands at the intro to The Chordettes' "Lollipop.") Don and Phil talk about "a small dot on the map called Brownie, KY" and Nashville at 6:55, and perform "Long Time Gone" from "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us," 1958, at 10:30 in the complete show and also in the individual song clip below. At 18:20, Bleyer curiously introduces Don and Phil only as "The Everlys," who perform "Problems" (also in the individual song clip) and sign autographs at 21:40 and 22:57. The brothers join everyone with Archie at the piano for the final song at 28:55.

Bleyer, a song arranger and musical director for Arthur Godfrey, began Cadence Records in 1952 in New York City. The label's top acts before the signing of The EBs were Julius LaRosa and The Chordettes. The EBs became the label's biggest-selling act.


In 1957, Bleyer made an agreement with Wesley Rose of Acuff-Rose Publications in Nashville for Rose to come up with some country acts for Cadence. Rose called Bleyer and told him that two young singers, Don and Phil Everly, were available and that if Bleyer didn’t want them for Cadence Records, Rose would sign them to his own Hickory Label. Bleyer agreed over the phone to sign them and flew to Nashville to meet and record their first session. It was a fortunate occurrence for Bleyer. With the fine harmony vocals of the Everly Brothers, access to the Acuff-Rose songwriters (particularly Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) and Chet Atkins in the studio to produce, the Everly Brothers had a string of smash hits for the Cadence label. The first session produced "Bye Bye Love" which was followed by 16 other songs to make the charts for Cadence. Before the Everly Brothers went to Warner Brothers in 1960 for the first $1,000,000 recording contract in history, they had recorded 38 songs for Cadence, and those songs were issued on six albums on the label.

"The departures of The Everly Brothers in 1960 (to Warner Brothers) and of Andy Williams in 1961 (to Columbia Records), along with radical changes in public taste and the music business brought on by the 1964 British invasion led to the decline of the company by 1964. Bleyer opted to shut down Cadence, and sold Andy Williams’ masters to the singer, which he bought mainly because he wanted to keep Cadence from reissuing his old material in competition with his new material. Bleyer wanted Williams to buy the entire Cadence catalogue which he did. Williams reissued his old albums on Columbia and formed Barnaby Records to manage the Cadence catalogue."
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January 1959.
There is no denying Don and Phil are brothers when you look at the very first photos of them in this thread. The resemblance is very strong. I kept hoping we would find out what that "ship" (we thought it was a ship) had to do with this trip. I think I saw a story about the Archie Bleyer show in one of the Bear sets when I sort of did a quick pass-through of them. Maybe I can glean something from the book. That "ship" has always stirred my curiosity. Smile

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