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The Palomino Club was a music venue in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. It opened in 1949 and was the best-known country music club in Los Angeles for decades, closing in 1995. It was called "Country Music's most important West Coast club" by the Los Angeles Times and named National Club of the Year by "Performance" touring talent trade magazine.

The Palomino Club was notable because in addition to being the San Fernando Valley’s premiere night club, it was a neighborhood working class bar (opening at 6am with a happy hour from 8am to 10am!) The Palomino Club bar stayed open during afternoon sound checks so regular customers and the artists’ fans could see the bands preparing and rehearsing the evening’s show for free. Often the artists’ showed appreciation for the fans by performing impromptu mini-concerts to standing ovations. The Palomino’s dressing rooms and backstage areas were generally open to the public. Fans could ask if the artists were receiving visitors and most artists welcomed them, gladly signing autographs, etc. During the ‘50s and ‘60s, almost every notable country and western artist played there, but in the early ‘70s, The Palomino started letting the long haired rock ‘n’ rollers on stage.

The club closed in 1995. After the closure, The Palomino Club's large exterior neon sign went missing and was thought to have been lost until the sign resurfaced in a warehouse in Chatsworth in 2014. The owner of the sign Scott McNatt realizing the signs historical significance contacted a local historian and preservationist Tommy Gelinas to save and restore the sign. The Palomino's neon has been restored and is currently on display at the Valley Relics Museum located in Chatsworth, California.

The following "video" is a live audio recording of a radio broadcast that the Everly Brothers did to promote their album, Stories We Could Tell. The video shows photographs of Phil and Don as they performed and interacted with the audience that day.


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I remember when I found this stash of 1972 club concert photos, back in 2015, and shared them on the site. I only had the year, not the location. I have since stumbled onto the ID info as The Palomino in LA, and was so happy to finally have the info. I recall we previously had had a discussion on whether The EBs had performed at The Palomino before the Breakup in 1973. Phil performed there during the Breakup years.

I have a total of 14 Palomino photos in my file, but other than the ones on this thread, all the others are too large to post to Forum, which has built-in graphic size restrictions.

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The Everly Brothers appeared at the "Rum Runner Katz Club" on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre in the UK in 1968.

There seems to be some confusion as to the opening date of the Rum. This is probably due to the fact that the club actually opened twice in the 60s and re opened again in the Duran Duran era. At the bottom of the drive to the left was the casino. This had been open for some time before the second part of the development happened. The Rum Runner night club part two, the restaurant, the quiet bar, the main bar and the dance floor with live local, national and international bands was opened in April 1966 by a local group, The Vacant Lot. They played a one-night stand and were invited back in a fortnight’s time for a second booking. This was where the gods of rock-band fortune played a hand. It was demolished in 1987.

The owner Don Berrow -
Top of the tree for Don were US legends the Everly Brothers. He knocked them down from £2,000 to £800 for a week long stint. "They were colossal - all those others we had on, they left them stone cold. They must have spent what they earned in the restaurant - they were there till 4am every night"

This is what a lady called Moira posted (16th September 2013) about her night at the "Rum Runner Katz"

"I remember the Everly Brothers playing there and then joining us on the dance floor. They danced in a very peculiar American way with their thumbs tucked into their trouser pockets. Not a cool look! Some of the happiest nights of my life….even though when we were turfed out at 2am, we went for chips before hitch hiking home"!
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The Everly Brothers appeared at the The Attic, 641 N. 2nd St in February 1966.

Though jazz was often on the bill (including Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, Woody Herman and Stan Getz), The Attic – opened in part of the old Merrill Theater in April 1965 by Zoy Maholias and his father James – also booked classic rock and rollers like Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, The Platters and The Everly Brothers throughout the 1960s. You could also see hitmakers like Johnny Rivers, Neil Sedaka and Bobby Sherman at the club, which was later described by a Journal reporter as a "cramped little cabaret." Around 1973, Maholias was forced to move the club and re-opened on the far northwest side as The Attic West. The building, erected in 1915 to plans by Brust and Phillips, has been demolished.

Terry Slater, Phil, Jay Lacy and Don

In early February of 1967, my roommate asked me to double-date with him to see the Everly Brothers at the Attic in Milwaukee (I had a car). It was close to Valentine’s Day, and he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. A few days before the date, I was playing bridge in the PIT. My roommate stopped by and reminded me I needed a date. I turned to the beautiful young lady kibitzing at the table (I knew her only by name, Jean Webb, as I was in music and theatre, and she was a jock) and asked her if she would like to be my date. She graciously accepted.

A year later, the Fifth Dimension was doing a concert at school. We had gotten engaged that weekend while visiting my parents. One of the group came down into the audience looking for a couple to sing a song to. He stopped by us. We indicated that we had just gotten engaged. He asked if anyone knew. We said, "No". He asked if he could announce it. We said, "Yes".

We were married on June 2, 1968. Chaplain (Robert) Buzza did the ceremony, Bob Smith (the band director and one of my best friends) wrote the music for the ceremony. The 7-piece band included Mr Smith and Professor Tyson.

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The Palomino Club in North Hollywood saw a third generation of Everlys on its stage as Phil often took his kids and some of Don's children along to join him on stage.

In a 1981 interview, he stated, "I play there about every two months. I like saying that's the only place I play. We have a following in Los Angeles that is kind of an underground situation. I only play Friday and Saturday, and we [Phil's band] do ten days to two weeks of rehearsal.

When we open I feel like my blood's really up, and I'm really excited! We play only four shows, that's all there's going to be, and we set out to bring the audience to their feet. Anything less than that would not be enough.

I love to get people to sing along, and on Saturday nights I bring my kids up and they sing. I get Edan (Everly), Don's boy, to get up, too. It's really a two day party, and that's how we approach it. It costs more than I make to do it, but it's worth it, because I feel good about it.

...Once I did "Dream" on the stage, and the feeling of warmth was such that I called it again, and everybody in the Pal' sang it. It was the most wonderful sound in the world, because I could listen to them singing back at me. and it was just great!"


FAN VIDEO RECORDING OF AN APPEARANCE BY PHIL IN 1982 (Lighting and clarity not the best, but being able to have this video of a live performance is a treasure!)

VIDEO *************

From 1949 to 1996, this building had the façade of an Old West corral and a neon bucking bronco sign outside the door. It was home to the Palomino Club, known as "the Pal" to the legions of musicians and regulars who considered it a second home. It hosted many artists that have personally meant a great deal to millions. Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, Glenn Campbell, Kris Kristofferson, Gram Parsons, and Waylon Jennings all sang here, throwing back whiskey while they performed some of the most poignant songs of the 20th Century on the dusty Pal stage. They sang for truckers, industry execs, working class wannabes, and waitresses in tight Palomino issued t-shirts.

The club could seat 400. Emmylou Harris, the Burrito Brothers, Dwight Yoakham, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more always played to a full house.


BOTH MOVIES THAT PHIL HAD A CAMEO ROLE IN AS A SINGER, EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE AND ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN, (see Celebrating Phil Everly thread for details) were filmed at the Palomino Club.

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Doesn't Phil make it sound so much fun at the Palomino with all the family there? Here are some more photos of Phil at the Palomino:

Phil with his band at the Palomino.

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A lady on the internet asks about this every few years, in the hope of finding her photos again, with reference to Phil at the Palomino: -

Every time Phil was at the Palomino Club in Los Angeles, Linda (Linda Lee nee Fox) would drive out from El Paso, Texas to see his shows, and stay with me.

She also would drive by his house incessantly, hoping to catch a glimpse. Working in the industry, I didn't care for that and told her so, and would not join her in her pursuits. One day she had me drive around a neighbour-hood and then stop. She explained that the house there was Phil's. I was shocked that she would use me so, and told her so. But from that point on, I knew where he lived, wanting to or not. It was a beautiful English Tudor house. Man had good taste.

I took lots (thousands, actually) of stills there (Palomino), which were so beautiful due to the really nice light sets they had. Took a couple of live videos, too, one of which Phil had me copy so he could take it to England. Sometime in late 80's. We'd all stay after the show and just jam. He was the sweetest person.

Made one huge error in 1982... went to a Starsky convention and met a lady who was a Phil fan. She was dying to see my slides, so I brought my book to show her. She asked to borrow it for the night or so. I said sure. Never saw her again. Always left a sour taste in my mouth. The photos were easily identifiable due to the Palomino lighting background. Back then, HD cameras did not exist, and I was a professional photographer. Phil loved the pix. I always gave him a set the next time I would see him. I've looked for years, hoping to either find copies being sold or posted. I WOULD really love to find her and get my slides back!

I had the original negs until 2010, when I lost about 95% of my belongings in storage auctions. I thought I'd rescued all my negs, but there was one drawer full that slipped away. All my Phil stuff. I still have about 6 rolls of film from back then, need to get it processed, while people still remember how to, lol. Might be some real gems there.
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I was reading articles about Phil at the Palomino today and as mentioned in #7 that Phil took his children along and Edan, it also said that Phil took Don's 'children' along, so it appears that he took more of Don's children than just Edan.

They must have had a fabulous time because they went often.
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(See Quotes #7.#8, #10 for other details)


Playing bass and singing background with the legendary Phil Everly, then on his own was a thrill and an half for me.

Phil gave us the freedom to play some of his new songs and Everly Bros. hits with more of a pop and rock feel and we always had some of Phil's celebrity friends such as Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Linda Ronstead and many others at our shows at the Palomino in Los Angeles. I’ll always remember us really rockin the house with “Bye Bye Love” , “Wake Up Little Suzy” and “Cathy’s Clown”.

Our band had a unique background starting with keyboard player, Dicky Thompson who had played with the Steve Miller Blues band. Our original drummer was my brother Angelo (pictured above 2nd from left) who was also an artist on Fantasy Records and had scheduling conflicts which led to our good friend legendary Brazilian drummer Claudio Slon from Sergio Mendes Brazil 77 who wanted to play country and rock and wow could he play it all. Then of course there was leader Jay Lacy an amazing guitar player from the early Everly Bros. Days who orchestrated this band getting together from the beginning. Ray Burghardt landed the other guitar spot and you know he had to be one of the finest rhythm guitar players around just to be onstage with Jay and Phil. Ray is still very active playing, writing & producing including a recent project with hip hop artist L L Cool J.

Also pictured above on the right is Joey Paige who was one of the original bass players with the Everly Bros. and helped his friend Phil with some great background singing in our shows. Jack Sargeant a drummer also from the Everly Bros. days filled in on drums when Claudio was unavailable.

Check out the 2010 Rob Reiner movie “Flipped” with Phil Everly singing ”Let It Be Me” during the last scene that we all played on!

PHIL EVERLY and his band played many times at the Palomino Club, often trying out new songs.
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When Phil performed at the Palomino Club he often took his own sons and Don's children too. These photographs show Phil and Edan on stage and the guitar strap on Edan does look like he has Phil's guitar on.

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I had some time today and enjoyed reading about EBs appearances at Clubs.
Interesting reading and great reference. So many great forums going.
Super reading and photos.
This is a photo which would not fit into Forum recently, I think it is the last one of the set that we have. See #1 and #3 for more information and photos. Phil and Don at the Palomino in 1972.

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A delightful surprise to see that Phil Everly was acquainted with the group, Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries who had actually performed at The Palomino Club!!! (See Quote #7 - photo of the Pal's marquee!)

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The Everly Brothers appeared at the "Roostertail Supper Club" in Detroit with "The Four Tops", "Marvin Gaye" and the "Supremes" 1966

On selected Mondays during 1966-67, Scott Regen did LIVE broadcasts from Detroit's Roostertail Supper Club. I wish the full broadcasts still existed.

The audience consisted of all Detroit radio, TV, newspaper & other media folks, along with other Motown invited guests.

WKNR was fortunate to have stage center front seats (I can hear some of our Keener secretaries in here). It starts with Scotty introducing The Supremes. They do a six minute montage of standards, followed by Baby Love. Scotty then introduces Berry Gordy, Diana, Flo & Mary, Brian Holland, Marvin Gaye, and the Everly Brothers.

Then he introduces the Four Tops, who do Baby I Need Your Lovin'. (This show was pressed to vinyl as MOTOWN 654 — "The Four Tops LIVE at the Upper Deck of the Roostertail". Scotty did the liner notes. Obviously, only a small part of the WKNR broadcast is on the record.)

This telescoped exhibit concludes with an audience sing-along and Scott being asked to sing with Duke, Levi, Lawrence & Obie on "Can't Help Myself".

QUOTE: From "Music Radio" January 7th 2006: -
I know you Motown fans remembered the Roostertail Supper Club. It was a night club in Detroit where it features some great acts like the Temptations, the Four Tops (as heard in their performance), the Supremes (as mentioned in the opening act), the Marvelettes and Martha Reeves & the Vandellas. They played it every Monday night back in the 60's where they used the term as "Motown Monday". Scott Regan, a Detroit jock at WKNR was at the scene of that performance. This segment features the opening act of Diana Ross & the Supremes with a rare performance of "With A Song In My Heart", "Without A Song" and ended with "Baby Love". After that, Scott was doing an introduction where he introduced guests like Berry Gordy, Marvin Gaye and the Everly Brothers (not associated with Motown). Scott was introduced his next performer was the Four Tops. They went on to record a live album at the "Roostertail Supper Club" during a performance in 1966. It starts off with "It's the Same Old Song" and ended with "I Like Everything About You" where the show comes to an end. I have the record album in my collection. If you listen to "I Can't Help Myself", you will hear Diana Ross where she did a cameo on that record. It was a great LP. I don't really know what the Roostertail Supper Club still exist in Detroit? Who knows.

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