EB Appearances @ CLUBS (night clubs, supper clubs, etc.)

Thanks to Chris for posting the now released video (by EBI) of the show the Everly Brothers did at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, another Harrah's Resort and Casino, November 24, 1984 - reference #44 and 45

LIVE audio recording of the performance:

A fan comment on this video:

"Phil is so funny where don said Phil sings the high part .Phil said that's right..in a squeaky voice ߘįۿ" Marina Schamehorn

On October 2, 1986, The Everly Brothers received their STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their work in the music industry, located at 7000 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

A fan made video of this memorable event ... finally presenting Don & Phil with their long overdue recognition by Hollywood's Walk Of Fame:


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Another delightphil surprise arriving on Phil Everly's birthday, January 19...

Phil Everly's appearance at the Palomino Club in May of 1980 ~ audio recording 1+ hours, including duets with guest artist, Emmylou Harris:

(See detailed information about Phil's connection with the Palomino Club in the first pages of this thread.)

It really is Wonderful to have this audio from the Palomino, Phil is very funny and interactive with his audience. He was a great solo performer as well as being part of the legendary Everly Brothers

Fantastic to hear Phil sing his solo work live and also a few songs which he and Don sang as The Everly Brothers.

Emmylou Harris has a beautiful timeless voice, wonderful to hear them sing "Dare to Dream Again" together. First time in public Phil announces before they sing it and Emmylou says 'beautiful song'. They then go on to sing "Sweet Dreams" and "All I Have to do is Dream" followed by "Walk Right Back"

I have waited a long time to hear this concert again.

Love these posts, especially the Palomino sign relic in #49!!!

And of course, the sweet photo of Phil!


A band arriving with all their stuff

Emmylou receiving flowers at the Palomino with Phil
Emmylou Harris
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PHIL EVERLY'S sentiments about performing at the Palomino Club:

"I love to get people to sing along, and on Saturday nights I bring my kids up and they sing. I get Edan (Everly), Don's boy, to get up, too. It's really a two day party, and that's how we approach it. It costs more than I make to do it, but it's worth it, because I feel good about it.

...Once I did "Dream" on the stage, and the feeling of warmth was such that I called it again, and everybody in the Pal' sang it. It was the most wonderful sound in the world, because I could listen to them singing back at me. and it was just great

DETAILS with reference to Quote #48 ~ Emmylou Harris duets with Phil Everly, which can be enjoyed on the the recording of the show posted there:

from everlypedia...

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The Beach Boys' 25th anniversary in Hawaii, 1986, featuring The Everly Brothers - FIRST VIDEO

This is a clip where Phil does an introduction, and they all sing:
"Don't Worry Baby", " Getcha Back", "Wake Up Little Susie"


Fan Comments:

"Having fun...love it! Happy songs that never get old." Margaret W.
"The kings of harmonies ߑ" MacDisel1
"Beach BOYS with Everlys.!!! Couldnt get any better!!!! Wish I had this show on DVD!!! Love!! Love!!! Love! Miss you Phil.!!!ͯۿ" N Abbott
"the only video/audio I've heard of Getcha Back live with Mike on lead!" Michael DeFilippi

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A few more photos from this concert to celebrate 25 years with the Beach Boys on the beach

This is a live version I found just yesterday of the song "Breakdown" from the album "Stories We Could Tell".

Written by Kris Kristofferson and performed in April 1972, at The Palomino Club, North Hollywood, CA, USA

See Page 1 #1 for full details of the Everly Brothers at the Palomino.
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The Beach Boys' 25th anniversary in Hawaii, 1986, featuring The Everly Brothers - SECOND VIDEO

(see #54 and 55 ~ previous information)

This 2nd video is from the Beach Boys outdoor concert in Waikiki 1986. The 11 minute clip has The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Punahou Varsity Cheerleaders, The Everly Brothers.
The Everly Brothers come on at about 7:30 with a humorous introduction.


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They are having a fabulous time on the beach, including the parrot.

Always good to see Phil talking at the microphone with introductions etc, he didn't do enough of that which is sad because he was equally as good as his brother.

More photos of The Everly Brothers on the beach with The Beach Boys

See #54/ #55 / #57 for all other photos and information about this appearance on the beach for the 25th Anniversary of The Beach Boys.

and some bonus information about the Everlys' trips to Hawaii in the Forum thread, Shindig, Hullabaloo...page 7, #98, 99

AUDIO of EVERLY BROTHERS' appearance on the Don Ho Show, 1969 in HAWAII

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