"EB84," 1984

Promotional poster for the album.

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Following the successful reunion of The EBs in 1983 at their two-night Reunion Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, (surprising especially the brothers themselves by documented accounts), Don and Phil decided to enter the studio to produce a new album. "EB84" was released in August 1984, titled "EB84" in the U.S. and "The Everly Brothers" in the UK.

The album is notable in three aspects:
1) "EB84" is the first studio album of new material in 11 years, since 1973's "Pass the Chicken and Listen;"
2) Recording studio techniques had changed immensely since the early 1970s;
3) Just as importantly, marketing in the music industry had changed with the advent of music videos selling the songs and promoting the artists.


"The album, produced by Dave Edmunds, includes three Don originals but no Phil compositions, as Phil explained, “I’m not too keen on any of the songs I’ve written lately. I judge them fairly harshly so I don’t want to show them.” Dave had met Don in London in 1979 when Don performed during the Buddy Holly week and the two had become friends. Phil said: “I went to see Donald in New York in December and we met with Dave. We have a lot of respect for his work and we share a similar appreciation of basic rock ‘n’ roll.

"Details in regard to each track are unknown but musicians on the "EB84" sessions include: Albert Lee (guitar); Phil Donnelly (guitar); Dave Edmunds (guitar); John Giblin (bass); Jeff Lynne (bass); Terry Williams (drums); Gerry Conway (drums); Pete Wingfield (keyboards); Richard Tandy (keyboards); Gerry Hogan (pedal steel guitar). Producer: Dave Edmunds.
Paul McCartney and Dave Edmunds additional guitars on ‘On The Wings Of A Nightingale’.

"In an interview following the release of EB84, Edmunds described the situation during recording: “Everybody was a bit nervous, me, the band, the engineers - but everybody was determined to give 150 per cent. I was slightly in awe of them, which isn’t a good thing because it colours your judgement and attitude. The backing tracks were completed and they moved onto the vocals. Don went out into the studio and started singing but Phil stayed in the control room. I was hoping they weren’t going to do the vocals separately, so I asked Phil to go out too, but he just refused and sat there. Don carried on for about twenty minutes, feeling his way around the song and when Phil was ready, and not before, he went out and started singing too.

"They don’t talk to each other at all in the studio. They just look straight into each other’s eyes and sing. Then for twenty minutes you think this is not going to work or maybe this isn’t the right song, and then suddenly it clicks. It’s like they’re free-falling and suddenly their parachute opens, and when that happens, look out. You’ve never heard singing like it. They’re the best. They’re natural singers, the only natural singers I’ve come across. All the people I’ve worked with, and this includes myself, have learned the musical terms and how to do it but Don and Phil don’t work like that. It’s fascinating to see it. When they hit their stride it’s genius working. It’s two and two equals five and it’s wonderful when it happens.”
In another interview he said, “Don and Phil are intuitive singers – they don’t actually understand singing. People like myself and others that I know in the business who sing...we learned how to do it; we learned how to hold a note, or to control a vibrato, or to count bars so you know when to come in. They never did - it’s all intuitive. Especially with Don - the solo bits he does. If you ask him to do them over and over again, they’ll be completely different each time.” (Second quote from Ike’s Boys by Phyllis Karpp.)

"The complete album was also included on 2005’s Hip-O Select’s excellent 2CD release "On The Wings of a Nightingale: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings."

"Highest chart positions: US: 44 (#24 Country Chart); UK: 36; Canada: 90."

Side 1
On the Wings of a Nightingale
Danger Danger
The Story of Me
I'm Takin' My Time
The First in Line

Side 2
Lay Lady Lay
Following the Sun
You Make It Seem So Easy
More Than I Can Handle

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"On the Wings of a Nightingale," written by Paul McCartney for his boyhood idols, Don and Phil. It was recorded in May 1984 in London and released in August.

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"On the Wings of a Nightingale" music video:

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Promoting "EB84," on the "Sky Fi Music Special," 1984. Link above in this thread.
A short interview from 1986, chatting about "On The Wings of a Nightingale," then into the music video.

From "Cash Box," September 1984.

From the shoot for a Mercury compilation, "The Everly Brothers: On The Wings of a Nightingale, The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (1984-1988.)"
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You must have all got Album Flash
I should have added here that in Cardiff it was like the old days where the Brothers did 2 shows and I went to both. In the second one Dave Edmunds was sitting a few seats away from me and they got him up on the stage when they did Wings. I cannot honestly remember whether he actually played a guitar when they did it but he is an accomplished player. He has recently retired from the music business due to ill health. He did a number of interviews about the two albums, not on Album Flash, but in the National and Local papers. I haven't got any of these which would be valuable for collectors, nor can I find the tickets for that concert but you can't keep everything. I am only going from memory here but it was interesting that he loved doing EB 84 even though there was a bit of friction between the Brothers, but the Second one Born Yesterday was difficult in that Don Everly did most of it and Phil did the harmonies elsewhere. But it might be biased as you got the impression that he got on very well with one and not the other. It happens
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