Don Everly and his second wife, Venetia Stevenson

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Reportedly a photo of Don taken by wife Venetia.

Venetia Stevenson was a Hollywood starlet, actress, and model. She met Don Everly on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1957 while The EBs were appearing. Venetia was a guest on the same show as the person selected from 4,000 contestants in “Popular Photography” magazine's contest for the “most photogenic girl in the world” for 1957, of which Sullivan was a contest judge.

Because of her Hollywood and modeling profession, many photos are available online of Venetia.

Everlypedia: “Venetia Stevenson Everly, Don’s second wife, British-born actress (March 10, 1938), daughter of director Robert Stevenson and soap actress (“General Hospital”) Anna Lee. Venetia’s photogenic beauty was apparent from the start. As part of the youthful Hollywood scene, she was quickly discovered and moved with ease into junior modelling work. This, plus her parents’ connections, led to a natural progression into acting. Self- admittedly, she was never a confidant actress. Making her TV debut playing a corpse on Matinee Theatre, she also appeared with her mother and the husband/wife team of Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl in a 1955 Arizona stage production of “Liliom” in order to gain experience.

Signed with RKO, Venetia took acting lessons and posed for publicity stills but she made little progress there. Warner Brothers eventually took her on and she made several guest appearances on TV, including as Ricky Nelson’s girlfriend on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” series. Other WB series work included roles on “Cheyenne” and “77 Sunset Strip.” Venetia made her film entrance with a decorous, second-lead femme role in the WB war picture “The Young Invaders” (1958), starring James Garner, Peter Brown and Edd Byrnes.

As part of the Hollywood dating swirl, there were obvious set-ups with such big stars as Tab Hunter, Anthony Perkins and even Elvis Presley. Such a set-up led to a 1956 marriage to up-and-coming actor/dancer Russ Tamblyn but the bloom quickly fell off the rose and the couple divorced a year later. For the most part Venetia was cast as a beautiful distraction in action- adventure and crime movies.

For over 50 years she has been the face of Sweetheart Stout; her picture has appeared on its cans and bottles since 1958. Don Everly met Venetia on “The Ed Sullivan Show” (Aug. 4, 1957) and married her Feb. 13, 1962 at the North Chapel within the ranks of their U.S. Marines training center. Just prior to this, Don and Phil completed their twelve weeks of boot camp. Phil served as best man. Don’s honeymoon doubled as a promotional tour for “Crying In The Rain.” They had three children: Anastasia “Stacy” Dawn Everly (May 5, 1963), Erin Invicta Everly (Nov. 8, 1965) and Edan Donald Everly (Aug. 25, 1968). They were divorced in 1970.

In later years Venetia became a script reader for Burt Reynolds’s production company, and subsequently became vice-president of Cinema Group, a production company that made several films in the 1980s. She has never remarried.”

With actor/dancer Russ Tamblyn, her first marriage, 1955.

With Elvis Presley, 1957.

With Ricky Nelson on tour, 1958.

With Tony Perkins.

With Tab Hunter.

At Phil's wedding to Jackie, January 1963.

With Phil and Jackie, Las Vegas, late 1960s.

Interviewed in the 2015 documentary on old friend Tab Hunter, “Tab Hunter Confidential.”

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Venetia Stevenson as Ricky Nelson's girlfriend in the episode "Rick's Riding Lesson," "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," Nov. 19, 1958.
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Venetia, center, in "Island of The Lost Women."

"The City of The Dead."

Same movie, but under the U.S. title, "Horror Hotel," 1960.

"Horror Hotel," 1960.
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Wonderful to see these photos together. No doubt that she was and still is a beautiful woman.

I can't resist some humor. On the photo where Venetia and Don are in the banquet line with Phil. Venetia: Don, are you cooking tonight? Don: No, so we had better eat well here. Phil and I need to burn midnight oil tonight in an attic somewhere. Phil: Do they have banana pudding here? What about hamburgers? [Don't now if either one had an attic at this time.]
Venetia looks a lot like her mother, Anna Lee. They both shared the same delicate beauty. I recall Anna Lee as the family matriarch, Lila Quartermaine, on the soap opera, General Hospital, back in the days when I thought I had time to watch soap operas. I did not own anything that came close to being a DVD player or any kind of recorder for that matter so I made the time to watch it and other soaps.
I remember Anna Lee as Lila Quartermaine very well. I watched "General Hospital" then. It was THE hot soap opera to watch.

Venetia's mother, Anna Lee, as Lila Quartermaine.
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Yes, back in the days when I thought I had a lot of time to watch soap operas. Smile General Hospital was THE favorite I believe for many soap opera fans. One of the very few soap operas that is still active on television.
You never read much about the private lives but there was a wonderful coloured magazine showing the Wedding of Don to Venetia. I thought I had it but cannot find it amongst my memorabilia.
I did read that the end of the marriage was a bit acrimonious, but there were three children by then
Years later you saw Don with his third wife who I believe has died. I know nothing about the current one.
What happened with Phil is a complete mystery but after all what is private should remain that way. In any event fans are living their own lives

Venetia on the backlot of Warner Brothers, where a certain singing duo hung out.
I cannot really say I knew anything about her, never saw her films, but you saw the photos of the weddings in the early 60s. And the famous one when Don left the tour and Phil carried on alone. Hard to believe the brothers were married a total of 7 times, but I suppose the absences must have contributed greatly I have seen photos of all the other wives at some point apart from Don Everly's first wife. Not sure if she is still alive but I know Don's third wife died some years ago
There is some discussion in one book about them and a mention of one child who died at birth in the late 1950s. I have no idea about relationships with their children but would rather leave family matters to them. We have all got our own to deal with. Erin Everly was of course linked with Axl Rose
What I do even now find remarkable is that their mother is still alive, at least she was about a year ago. She must be close to 100 and she resides in Nashville, that's all I know
Very cute. Ya think she had their picnic lunch on that bike? lol Did she have enough for Phil?
I don't post much any more but I do look in occasionally. I just had to compliment you, Mary, on a great thread. Finally, something different!
Be nice to hear from you Pat

LA Times, March 14, 1982. Article on Venetia's career after Don.
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