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Here is a place to pay respect to Phil Everly. He was loved by many and changed the world. He will be missed. The Everly Family are users of this fansite and find comfort in your kind words.

Oh, I've been so sad since Phil's passing. I love the Everly Brothers music so much.  For all the Everly Family,  you all have my deepest and most sincere sympathies!!! RIP and Love Dear Phil~~


Phil's death left a deep impact on fans all over the world.

Alas, we cannot read the posts in the older forum anymore, but please allow me to attach a site where many people from lots of countries posted their condolences as well.


The glorious harmonies of Don and Phil Everly are the sweetest sounds of my youth. I bought their records, taped a photograph of those two, good looking boys at the top of the heart throb wall in my bedroom and adored those two boys and their wonderful melodies.

Listening to Phil and Don's music always was, and still is, like reading the loved up and lore lorn diaries I wrote as a young girl. Every song they sang seemed to speak of my teenage crushes, my own joys and heartaches and the trouble I got into at times.

One whisper of 'Dream, dream, dream' and I'm whooshing back down the years to the glory days of my youth, days that will only ever come again through the sweet hamonies of those good looking boys, the Everly Brothers.

It was with such sadness that I learned that Phil had died. Yet coming here and listening to so many of Phil's and Don's harmonies has made me realise that Don and Phil will always be around, singing their songs of youth to future generations, just as they still sing to mine.

Thank you for the music, boys. God bless Phil and comfort Don.

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A book of condolences for Phil
Thank you Phil for making my early years that much happier and through your beautiful music with your brother Don your songs have given my life more meaning and understanding of both myself and others. I still listen when I feel down and out. Your voices have never failed to pick me up and give me strength and faith in the human condition. Spiritually too. Although you are gone you will never be forgotten, Phil. My memories and record library attests to that. And Don, I do thank you as well from the bottom of my heart for being a good and decent brother to Phil and for being the other half of the finest duet in the history of pop music. I hope you feel all the love of your fans and this love gives you some comfort. Peace. Richard from Virginia. Will continue to play your music on WHRW-FM 90.5 whrwfm.org
I still cannot believe Phil is no longer with us, but he will live on forever through his family and through the wonderful legacy of music he created with Don. Love and thoughts to all the family at this difficult time, especially Don, who must truly feel the loss in a unique way because of all they were together. Xx
Such a hard loss to deal with. My heart goes out to the entire Everly family. May you take peace in the memories you all have of Phil.
Thanks for the music Phil, it gladdened the hearts of millions. We were so lucky to have your wonderful voice in harmony.
It is still so hard to think of Phil as being gone. I am sure it is strange for the Everly family to have so many strangers mourn Phil. I lost a son, so I know no words can be spoken to Margaret that will help. Only time will ease the pain.
Just a line to express my sadness at the loss of this very likeable man, who shared his enormous gift with us all. Jamie Kitson, UK
I can't seem to get Phil's death out of my mind. I can't imagine how Don feels. Don & Phil's great music brings back so many memories of my youth. I want to express my deepest sympathies to the Everly family and especially Don.
Phil's gentle demeanor, his beautiful voice and warm and funny personality will be missed for the rest of our lives. We have his music to keep and treasure.
thanks for all the beautiful music Phil that you and your brother give us R.I.P.dear Phil
i love the music of the 50s
I would like to say that I care.....I understand loss and what it does to a person. When I heard of Phil's passing I felt like a part of me died too! I've always loved the Everly Brothers and it hurts to see the duo come to and end! I also feel alone in my grieving because there is no one to talk to about the hurt .
For your family it is so hard to understand how such a thing could happen. I wish that you didn't have to feel so much pain...that it didn't have to hurt so much.
Please remember that you are cared about and that in time it will get better!
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this page. It means quite a lot to me!
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