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The Everly Brothers were the music of my youth and had a song for every occasion, sad ones when I broke up with my girlfriend (now my wife of almost 50-years!) and happy ones when we got back together. The loss of Phil is such a tragedy, for his family obviously, but also for the millions who have listened to and sung along to their wonderful songs and Phil's marvellous harmonies. I already miss him so much. God Bless his wife and children and his brother Don.

Danny Jones (United Kingdom)
I'm glad to have a place where I can express my deep sadness at the loss of Phil. I have always loved the Everly Brothers and have many of their records, I particularly love Roots and Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. Sine Phil died I have been playing some of their songs every day. It's a comfort to know that although Phil is gone, his beautiful voice will always be there for us to listen to. I hope that Phil's passing has made Don realise how much both brothers are loved and always will be by their many fans. We are very grateful that Don is still with us to feel that love. I would like him to know how much his music means to so many people.
The Everly Brothers were the best. No one else had that sound.
It Breaks My Heart
They touched a generation one song at a time; making there gifted mark on our hearts forever!

Devoted to you,

Terry Schultz
I still haven't come to terms with Phil's death so how all his family are coping I can't imagine. I have known Everly songs since I was 6 - that's 57 years they are my life. I send my love and thoughts to you all especially Don and Patti and Margaret. I know Don will be devastated but we are all thinking of you. The music will never die nor my memories of The Everly Brothers.

Heartbreakingly sad BBC radio clip of Duane Eddy talking about the loss of his friend Phil. Posting this as it may not be availably for much longer - scroll down for clip......

A pretty good interview. Thanks for this find,Carole & Jon
RIP Phil and sincere condolences to all members of his family he is greatly missed by all
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