Beginning to mid 1960's

We seem to have a lapse in years in Forum, after childhood, I don't see from where they hit it off and running through into the 60's. Hopefully we can put all things connected in those years here

Jamboree with June Carter, the Everly Brothers are singing both sides of their hit single - "Bye Bye Love and I Wonder if I Care as Much"
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Chris, I like the idea! Is it for articles, interviews, recordings?? All?
I think everything, not just recordings from those years, photos, articles, whatever anyone wants to post here.
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The link below has charts, which list recordings of the Everly Brothers prior to 1961.

There are charts which show both albums and singles.

Excerpt - early albums:
04 1958 THE EBs - "THEY'RE OFF AND ROLLING…" - CLP 3003
03 1959 THE EBs BEST - CLP 3025
*3 The UK (LONDON) version differs in track listing from the US version

Excerpt - early singles:
1952 DON'T LET OUR LOVE DIE [KFNF] #2 Leslie York 3:11 bt: LSP 1060 (includes intro by Ike Everly part of which is used on the WB album ROOTS)
1952 ROLL ALONG JORDAN Trad. WS 1752 12 (Excerpt appears on the 1968 WB ROOTS album)

A few are from broadcasts later incorporated into albums. Still it shows the very young voices of Don and Phil, starting in 1946.
EXCERPT - early recordings:

25 12 1946 SILENT NIGHT (Phil solo) #1 [Radio KMA] Joseph Mohr/Franz Xaver Gruber
25 12 1946 SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (Don solo) [Radio KMA] Haven Gillespie/J. Fred Coots
Both above tracks around as bootlegs. They included dialogue with the programme presenter (pre-Everly Family radio show).


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Preston: "Perry Como show rehearsal back when I was 6 in 1958"
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A fan recalling seeing and meeting the Everly Brothers:

"Yes, it started with the Cadence Best of the EB in the Spring of 1959, then we went on a family vacation trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine (the Atlantic Ocean "beach" was much too cold to swim in, then down to Ocean City, New Jersey, with it's sandy beaches and warmer waves, and saw them at The Steel Pier over the Longport bridge in Atlantic City (great days back then, but it is a slum-by-the-sea, nowadays,) bought the It's Everly Time WB album which had just come out in the Summer of 1960, I got hooked, and then bought the Date with the EB WB album later that year. That came out around the Fall, I think. Ricky Nelson packed the ballroom over the ocean, also that August. Got out of High School in June 1961, then was in an entirely different 'scene' of no more school, but, now, the working world. 1962, 1963 and the world morphed into something else, tastes, music, British Invasion in early 1964, Dylan folk music, but The EB had set such a career path that they would still be great to me and others and even got to see them up close, say a few words, get their autographs, NYC, Valley Forge, West Philadelphia.....Don would never remember it, but I was standing there with my album covers and he (they) were walking down the path to the back stage entrance smiled and we chatted about those early days, also with Phil and there I was, just them and little, ol' me, the three of 'us' in the backstage wing, ready for them to go on. I was in the highest realms of the seventh heavens anyone could imagine. They were introduced and I ran back to the front entrance and down to my up-front seat....which had been taken......but, I didn't care, I got another one, still near the front and I couldn't believe I was standing close to and chatting with these two "everyday" giants minutes before...they were like neighborhood guys. Very, very talented neighborhood guys. I went home re-hung those three album covers again, except this time Don & Phil's autographs were on them. Pushing half a century ago, but it seems like yesterday to me".
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It is well documented that The Everly Brothers played many venues with Buddy Holly and The Crickets and after Buddy's early death The Everly Brothers toured with The Crickets including the UK.

There are many 'Show of Stars' and 'Tour of Stars' when we see many artists appearing at a venue. There are many billboards to support this.

This tour bus with Buddy Holly and The Crickets name on was shared by The Everly Brothers for this 1958 'Tour of Stars' The trailer/small caravan was used for their equipment. It says Seattle on the front of the bus, The Everly Brothers names are to the left of the doors, when saved this photo can be seen even more clearly. Fabulous photo.

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This is a comment and an early memory of an Everly fan, in their words regarding the tour of 1958 and the tour bus:

"Know The EB toured with Dick Clark when he did his bus tours in the early days of rock. I only went to one or two local radio station shows put on at The Tower Movie Theater in 69th Street in Upper Darby, PA right next to Phila. back then. The disc jockeys would introduce any and all 'hot' artists and their latest, hopefully, hits. Went to The Paramount Theater in NYC where Alan Freed, for example, and others put on the same shows. Of course, New York was much larger that humble, ol', Phila. with rock radio stations and the acts who would play at The Paramount. By the looks of that trailer, they kind of roughed it. They paid their dues in those early days, alright".
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1958 2 Billboard posters with no Buddy Holly and The Crickets on. It just makes you realise how busy The Everly Brothers were in 1958. Then another poster from 1958 with The Crickets showing.

Show of Stars

It was LaVerne Baker who Phil said looked after them like a mother, sewing on buttons etc. Great memories to tie up with the Billboards from 1958.

I have put these billboards here with the Tour bus of Buddy's from 1958 to show how busy they were in that year.
Listen to this documentary of Buddy Holly which both Phil and Don are on various times. Phil comes on at the 27:41 mark and talks about the bus tours in particular the one with LaVerne Baker when she sewed their buttons on. This is just the right place to have this video clip where Phil mentioned Frankie Lymon and LaVern by name and they are on the Billboards in #12 during that section I have highlighted, 27:41
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More information about touring on a bus in 1958 referring to this Billboard.

Lew Allen was an 18-year old photography major when he toted his camera to the Auditorium Theatre in Rochester, N.Y., on January 19, 1958. The shy, lanky novice, lugging his 4x5 Speed Graphic camera and a 16-pound electronic flash through the snow, hoped to get some shots of Holly, the Everly Brothers, and other stars of the “Rock Party” tour to satisfy an assignment for his photo class at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Instead, he ended up bringing home what Holly’s widow, Maria Elena Holly, would tell him were some of the finest pictures ever shot of the innovative songwriter-performer.

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