Awards, honors, recognitions to The EBs

With former EBs band member Waddy Wachtel, who made the presentation to Don.

With JI Allison, Waddy Wachtel, and Sonny Curtis.

In November 2015, Don was presented with a Buddy Holly guitar with the song title "Love's Made A Fool Of You" by the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Photos and videos are on the Foundation link below.
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Very worthwhile that Don received a Buddy Holly guitar. Don and Phil received many honors and awards over the years and they certainly deserved them. However, one award remains elusive and I am wondering if it is too late for them to become Lincoln Center honorees, and, of course, it would have to be done posthumously for Phil. I don't think honors have been bestowed on any honorees posthumously.

In 2015, The Eagles became Lincoln Center honorees but they deferred the honors until 2016 because Glenn Frey (one of the founders of The Eagles) was very ill; he might have even had surgery at the time. Glenn Frey passed away on January 18, 2016, and the remaining members of The Eagles band appeared at the 2016 Lincoln Center honors.
Mary, I could not tell if the link that is in the above link--it is a very short interview with Waddy Wachtel--is in the link you posted above the one I posted. For some reason, I could not scroll down beyond the initial screen on your link. If it is already in your link, I will delete mine.

I had to chuckle about that little interview--where was Don? For a while, I thought he was the one talking with Sonny Curtis but then I realized it was not him. However, I thought I heard his voice in the immediate area. Maybe he was tuning up his Buddy Holly guitar!

Update: I finally was able to open Mary's link above (I must have a flaky browser and I might need to check security too; it might be limiting me haha!). I found Mary's link somewhere on the internet and was able to get around an ad (perhaps the ad was the problem) so I was able to enjoy all the video links that were included in Mary's link. I enjoyed the entire link. I think Don had a nice little party! Smile
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Musicians Hall of Fame honours Don November 2015
One of Buddy Holly's songs written for the Everlys--Love's Made A Fool Of You--is the one that is imprinted on Don's Buddy Holly Guitar. I did not make the connection until I read it in the booklet that came with the Classic Everly Brothers boxed set.
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"Cash Box," Dec. 28, 1957.

Acuff-Rose ad, Dec. 27, 1958.

"Cash Box," Dec. 28, 1957.
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