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Photo of Buddy Holly and Jerry Allison (of The Crickets) with Phil and Don Everly - doing an impromtu dance!(?)

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Continuing from #15, Buddy Holly and Phil Everly co-produced a record for Lou Giordano. It was recorded in September of 1958 in New York City at the Beltone Recording Studio.

Buddy composed side A,"Stay Close to Me". He played lead guitar and Phil was on acoustic. The audio recording sounds like a "take":


Phil composed side B, "Don't Cha Know". gain Buddy was on led guitar and Phil on acoustic. However, both of them provided backup vocals in falsetto voices, because, according to Phil, they didn't have the money to pay for backup singers! This audio recording has quite rhythmic (even the images catch the beat)" Some of the visuals are as funny as the song:


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We are honoured and thrilled a very special music legend is joining our other great International artists and musicians as an Ambassador and Lifetime guitar recipient.

The original New York Street Poet and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Dion as all Buddy/Cricket fans know, was one of the last to talk to Buddy,Richie and Big Bopper before they boarded the plane that led to the fatal tragedy.

It’s appropriate therefore,that the guitar Maria Elena will present to Dion will be “THAT MAKES IT TOUGH”,one of the final songs Buddy wrote and recorded in their NY apartment.


See full commentary on this special occasion @ following link:


Wow. Some fabulous pictures and interesting information. Thanks to Chris and Gloria for taking the time and trouble. I was pleased to see that another one of my all time favourites Jackson Browne is involved and I'm a big fan of Dion too the King of the New York Streets!
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Connection with Dion and Everly Brothers (reference #18)

Phil Everly and Dion appeared together on a TV show from Chicago, Soundstage.

VIDEO recording from Soundstage (not best visual quality):

"Queen of 1959" by Dion with Phil's harmonizing vocals is also found on Dion's album, Streetheart.

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In video below various Texas artists talk about the far reaching influence of Buddy Holly on their songwriting and their lives.


A continuing influence of Buddy Holly, who was friends with Phil Everly, is heard through Buddy's song. "Rave On" as sung by Jason Everly, lead vocals, with Phil in harmony:

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A tribute to Buddy Holly was done via the album: THE CRICKETS and THEIR BUDDIES(July 2004)

An appropriate title for this tribute as the roster has many artist influenced by Buddy Holly and his music. Among them are Phil and Jason Everly whose recording of "Rave On" is track #2 on the album.

AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett:

"The Crickets & Their Buddies is an incredibly intriguing album, both because it features the original members of a storied group that has been around for fifty years (J.L. Allison, Sonny Curtis and Joe B. Maudlin were all original Crickets, along with Buddy Holly, of course) playing on their classic songs (some of which are post-Buddy), and because of the eclectic range of artists -- from Bobby Vee to Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil -- who sit in on guest vocals.

Most of it works surprisingly well, although Neil's version of "I Fought the Law," written by Sonny Curtis, sounds more cartoonish than defiant, and Eric Clapton's rendition of a post-Buddy song, "Someone Someone," seems a bit tentative.

Among the cuts that do work here are the version of "Rave On" sung by Phil Everly and his son, Jason Everly, and Waylon Jennings' blue collar take on "Well...Alright" (this was the last studio recording Jennings did before his death, meaning he began and ended his career with the Crickets).

A clear highlight is "The Real Buddy Holly Story," written and sung by Sonny Curtis, which attempts to set the record straight on Holly's career, which was severely distorted in the biopic that starred Gary Busey. Less we forget, Holly and the Crickets started as a kick-ass country band, fiddles and all, and while Holly was clearly a genius songwriter, Curtis was no slouch, either.

Also featuring songs sung by Rodney Crowell, Nanci Griffith, Graham Nash , Johnny Rivers and John Prine, The Crickets & Their Buddies is made up of way more hits than misses."

Listen to Phil and Jason Everly's recording of "Rave On" in #21
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This is totally new to me, I had no idea that Phil and Jason singing "Rave On" was ever put on an album, I just thought we were lucky enough to just have a copy posted to youtube.

Great find Gloria, I wonder how much this album is to buy?

To commemorate Buddy's 81st birthday one of the co-founders of Rock 'n' Roll.

Robert Thomas Velline, (April 30, 1943 – October 24, 2016), known professionally as Bobby Vee was born in Fargo, North Dakota, to Sydney Ronald Velline (a chef, pianist and fiddle player) and Saima Cecilia Tapanila, in a family of Norwegian and Finnish heritage.

His first single, "Suzie Baby," was written by Vee with a nod to Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" and recorded for the Soma label, based in Minneapolis, in 1959; it was a hit in Minnesota and drew enough national attention to be purchased by Liberty Records, which signed him later that year. He has cited as influences, producer Snuff Garrett and his personal manager, Arnold Mills.

Vee's career began in the midst of tragedy. On February 3, 1959, "The Day the Music Died," three of the four headline acts in the lineup of the traveling Winter Dance Party—Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper—were killed in the crash of a V-tailed 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza airplane, along with the 21-year-old pilot, Roger Peterson. (Dion DiMucci, the second headliner, had opted not to travel on the plane.) It crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, en route to the next show on the tour itinerary, in Moorhead, Minnesota. Velline, then 15 years old, and a hastily assembled band of Fargo schoolboys (including his older brother Bill)[6] calling themselves the Shadows volunteered for and were given the unenviable job of filling in for Holly and his band at the Moorhead engagement. Their performance there was a success, setting in motion a chain of events that led to Vee's career as a popular singer.

In 1963, Vee released a tribute album on Liberty Records called I Remember Buddy Holly. In the liner notes, he recalled Holly's influence on him and the events surrounding Holly's death, describing how he had looked forward to attending the concert, how the local radio station put out a call for local talent to fill after the disaster, and how Vee's recently-organized, group, modeled on Holly's style, had to make up a name (the Shadows) on the spot. (wikipedia)


(Another reference in the Forum thread, Everly Songs , Bobby Vee singing, "No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile" page 52 #777 )
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Fan Comment:

"This is a tremendously good video of one of the greatest Buddy Holly Tribute Concerts ever held. I saw it live, recorded it on VHS - and watched probably 100 times. I have seen in on YouTube - but the quality is not great. This isn't the full concert -= but much of it, and some great Buddy Holly content spliced in. Thanks for posting this. Buddy Holly Lives On!" (John Brubacker)
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