Don Everly and his third wife, Karen Prettyman

Signed by Karen Prettyman Everly, 1980.

Everlypedia: "Karen Prettyman Everly, Don’s third wife. Don and Karen were married May 5, 1975. Karen was an assistant producer of David Frost’s television show where Don & Phil had appeared three years earlier; it was there that they first met. Karen was Don’s manager until they separated in 1982. She was sadly afflicted with MS and is believed to have moved to Boston (from Nashville, TN) with her sister Mona. She died in 1997 and was buried in Lincoln, NE. Karen Prettyman Everly - Aug. 14, 1944 - Sept. 2, 1997."

With Don at the Acuff-Rose offices, Nashville, late 1970s.

With Don, bottom center, plus Phil and Patricia, at Knotts Berry Farm.

With Don at Knotts Berry Farm, July 1973.

With Rachel Peer of The Dead Cowboys, 1980.

With singer Wanda Jackson.

Don and Karen with Albert and Karen Lee and family.

Don and Karen with Susanna Clark.

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As I have my own family I must admit I never got into the Everly families that much throughout the years but it was interesting to read this thanks. I did know that they had married, split, and then she died.
From memory I think she was in Britain with Don when he performed at the Country Show in London with the Cowboys in late 70s/early80s. There was an article in one of the musical papers at the time which I cut out but have lost sadly.
There were bits and pieces about all the wives over the years I seem to remember but absolutely nothing at all about Don's first wife.
Mary, you found some new photos of/with Karen that I have never seen before. Terrific to have some new ones; at least for me, some of these are new.
Incidentally, the photo with Don, Karen, and Susanna Clark--Susanna was the wife of Guy Clark. Both were Texas songwriters who did very well with their songwriting skills when they went to Nashville. I think the Everly Brothers recorded at least one of Guy Clark's songs, perhaps more than one. Right now, I can't recall which one; I would have to pull out their song list and look at it.

Looking at the photo--that must have been some party. Did the wine go in the cooking, or did they drink it--probably both. haha

One of Guy Clark's songs did pop up in my mind just now--A Nickel For The Fiddler. There might have been more. This is the one I was trying to think of. It's on the Pass the Chicken & Listen Album, one of my favorite Everly Brothers' albums.

P.S. I like the line-up of beer steins in this photo. haha

I noticed I got off track in this post. Hope I corrected all instances where I said "Ray" Clark; it should be "Guy" Clark.
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Albert Lee's children are adorable in the photo of Albert, Don, and the two "Karens". Wonder if both of them responded to "Karen." Maybe they had designations of some kind. haha
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