I will post new photos and maybe some old ones on this thread until there is any change.

Two new photos from Shindig 9th June 1965, in Forum thread "Shindig, Hullabaloo and other shows.

A couple of new ones from Central City, one promoting Homecoming V11 and the other in the special corner of the museum. Billy Harlan's writing on the photo, with Jim Reeves, Royce Morgan, Pee Wee and Jimmy Day. It is likely that Billy wrote on it, saved it then years later gave it to the museum. According to one of my friends Billy is often in the museum. I am so pleased he is involved it certainly must help to promote it.

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We can comment on photos in this forum thread due to photos not posting in the feed for several members.

From the Jimmy Dean show:

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This one is my favourite:


You will recognise the song from when the Everly Brothers planted it into a medley at the Everly Brothers Show they did at the hotel recording.

"The Thrill is Gone" from 2010

The show is covered in the forum thread "Concerts"
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Jason certainly has the depth of look that his father Phil did, a very striking man.

These got me excited until............they are from EBI!!! Unhappy

A Happy birthday to Don Everly

Re your post # 11 BB King The Thrill Is Gone:

Not sure I follow Chris :o [?] Was the song performed by the EBs?

Original from the Completely Well album:

Please click here for You Tube link:
Ricardo A-Priori
Hi Ricardo re: my post in #11

When the Everly Brothers recorded that live album in the hotel Arnaheim they did a couple of Medleys. The longest one 18.39 minutes and contains many links in and out from several songs. Sometimes a snippet.

If you go to the 7.20 minute mark that is the start of the song re: BB King "The Thrill is Gone" then go to the 14.10 minute mark and Phil sings some words from the song.

My husband likes this segment because he enjoys the drum solo.

If I have got this totally wrong Ricardo and it is not from the BB King song, please let me know your thoughts.
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Forgot to say that is a fantastic link in #15 for BB King what an intro, love it.
Photos still not working today, I cannot even post a comment on one. Not good enough!!

I could not post even this comment below on the feed. The site has never been as bad as it is at the moment.

Still not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All photos I will post on the forum thread "Chris' problems" I have had to start so that I can post any photos I want to.
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Homecoming photos, some new, but all photos are always new to someone on site which is what I have said before.

It also still takes 2/3 times to post anything into a forum link. Deleting, copying, repasting............. all the time!!!
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How is it that Mary and Lenore are able to post multiple pictures, but I can't comment or post? Really frustrating!
Sharon K
I know the feeling Sharon, it seems no one cares that the majority of active members cannot do anything on the feed.

If an email is sent nothing is done, the security was ramped up at the cost of most other things not working now, this is embarrassing for this site. Phil would be shocked and most likely pull it, I was told recently by someone who knew him.

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