The recorded version of "Cathy's Clown" fantastic song written by Phil and Don.

Good photo on the cover.
Yes Phil and Don we have multiple problems too, only my number of problems now on site are 7, that is how many things do not work for me any more. Once again I am going to say not good enough.

A pasted link that is all that can be done now!
Some photos of Phil to make all the problems disappear.

A favourite photo of mine, Phil's suit is fabulous on him, colour and style.

Framed ones from Bert years ago.
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"That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine"

Photos on the clip from:

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - The Everly Brothers: Independence Pass, Colorado June 21, 2006
Hi Chris,
Re: your posts # 11, 16 & 17

Thank you!

As usual, you put me right down to work... hard! LOL! [of course you know I actually love doing this]

I don’t listen to my “Everly Brothers Show” vinyl 2WS 1858 (S39741) album that often [more on that later], so I didn’t remember SIDE II includes a “The Thrill Is Gone” as track # 6, credited to an Arthur H. Benson – Dale Pettite [sic] [?].

I also just found out it’s not a BB King original, but a Roy Hawkins 1951 composition & recording Please click on following url for You Tube link:

Though the EBs medley indeed
1. starts with a bluesy long vamp that kicks off in Eb min,
2. then grows into Eb maj with a couple of quotes from “Lucille” and “Ticket to Ride”,
3. then into the drum solo your hubby so rightly likes,
4. then into a bass solo,
5. to build up to a distorted electric guitar vamp that is
6. finally taken up by an acoustic guitar — also bluesy — improv and the lyrics “the thrill is gone”;
[for several reasons] I think it’s more likely Don who is singing and playing the acoustic [though can’t say 100% sure], to [at last!]
7. start singing The Beatles’ “The End”;

Save for the phrase “the thrill is gone” and it's being bluesy, I really hear no connection to BB King’s [or rather Roy Hawkins’s] song, which BB sings in B min and Roy in E min, at a much slower tempo and with a totally different melody line... but who knows?

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Ricardo A-Priori
+ a rather unexpected team-up for the Roy Hawkins song:

What do you think of this?

Ricardo A-Priori
So just for the live album they literally dipped into something containing the words "The Thrill is Gone" - a great segment though and the thrill is never gone.

I have never found for a reasonable price the vinyl "The Everly Brothers Show" prices on the net can be eye watering. So I paid for a download and then shared it with others but I live in hope that I come across it one day on vinyl.

This link you posted in #29 I would never have expected to see those 2 singing this song together. BB King at the 2 minute mark playing guitar is great to watch.
A couple of photos I tried to post late last night but I was having too many glitches so I gave up.


Re: your post # 30, I've got all my original vinyls [from the very first ones — the blue one and the one with the motorcycles — I bought still hot off the presses way back in the 50s, down to the Reunion Concert double album]] + a couple of anthologies and the original CBS recordings, Nice Guys, and so on; save for the Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, which I [rather foolishly] got rid of when a new edition came out, but don't get to play them almost at all.

Don't think I'd be able to acquire them now, regardless of the mint condition I've been careful to keep them in [I also try to take good care of my turntables by keeping them well balanced, have very light Shibata type styli, etc.].

One of these days I'll take the time [LOL!] to photograph them, along with all the CDs and boxes, guitars, autographs, programs, tickets, etc. and upload them...

Ricardo A-Priori
You sound like you have a really nice collection of Everly music Ricardo. There are some I have that I treasure more than others. My Nice Guys album I like very much, I also like the New Album. Yes I have to agree the Reunion double vinyl is a wonderful one to have, mine is in very good condition too. I feel lucky that I do have some in such great condition, I do look after then. We have a very good turntable/stylus and speakers and I have to admit I do like to turn some up very loud. My "Roots" album was a gift from my husband and was new so therefore it is covered. I try to play as many as I can, vinyls in the lounge and upstairs, cd's in the kitchen whilst cooking.

Although my Everly collection is large as a couple we have a massive collection of music from all types of artists. Music is always in our home it is never quiet. I can't imagine my life without music.

Ricardo I once gave one of my albums away to a friend, I regretted it but luckily I was able to find it again, I don't think I will ever do that again!
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