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A Concert at the Cambridge Regal on October 22nd 1962 is listed on Billing as the Everly Brothers but this concert and one on October 15th 1962 in Hull are just two that were done by Phil on a solo tour, he completed the whole tour when Don was taken back to the US for medical attention. Joey Paige was on stage with Phil and after Phil had sung a couple of songs on his own, his good friend and band member Joey Paige joined Phil in singing the rest of the concert.

HULL Billboard October 15th 1962

Listed as Everly Brothers - it was Phil touring alone in 1962

Joey Paige on stage and singing with Phil

The full list of artists appearing were:

Everly Brothers (Phil on his own)
Frank Ifield
Ketty Lester
Dean Rogers
Terry Young Five
Vernon Girls

Compere was Norman Collier - Promoter was Arthur Howes in association with Leslie Grade.

October 1962

14 - East Ham (Granada)
15 - Hull (ABC)
16 - Stockton (Globe)
17 - Sheffield (City Hall)
18 - Lincoln (ABC)
19 - Leeds (Odeon)
20 - Newcastle (City Hall)
22 - Cambridge (Regal)
23 - Croydon (ABC)
24 - Kingston (ABC)
25 - Exeter (ABC)
26 - Plymouth (ABC)
27 - Bournemouth (Winter Gardens)
28 - Ipswich (Gaumont)
31 - Portsmouth (Guildhall)

November 1962

01 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
02 - Cheltenham (Gaumont)
03 - Cardiff (Sophia Gardens)
04 - Birmingham (Hippodrome)
07 - Huddersfield (ABC)
08 - Manchester (Apollo)
11 - Liverpool (Empire)

This photo was taken at the ABC in Exeter on October 25th 1962

Frank Ifield adds, “I loved the Everly Brothers’ records and it was so disappointing that to find that Don was ill and had gone back to the States. I wanted to see them even more than the audience. Phil did the tour on his own and it didn’t make much difference as far as the bookings were concerned but it was a great pity not to see them together. I thought I was on the tour that was going to mark their break-up. I had to encourage Phil as he was very nervous about going out there, but the audience loved him anyway. He got a thunderous round of applause when he walked out but the promoter hadn’t put up notices saying it was only Phil. It had only been in the music press so most people were still expecting to see the Everly Brothers. From what I remember, Phil sang a couple of songs on his own and then one of the guys in the band sang Don’s part so it sounded pretty much like the Everly Brothers then. Some years later when I opened in Vegas Phil was on the front row supporting me and I thought that was great, really nice of him.”

Phil travelled with the touring party as opposed to going by limousine. He enjoyed the companionship and he finished the tour at the Liverpool Empire on November 11, wholly relieved to have pulled it off. He said, “Towards the end of the tour, I was feeling quite at ease as a solo performer, but that doesn’t mean that I had any thoughts of breaking up the partnership.”

As well as Don’s health, he had his own worries. Phil told one reporter that he could be called up if the Cuban missile crisis escalated. Don, presumably, would be spared because of his health.

It was ironic that the tour should end in Liverpool as the Beatles had entered the charts with their first Parlophone single, ‘Love Me Do’, thus starting the British beat boom. The established American acts were going to find it harder to have chart hits.

Phil with Joey Paige at the 'Talk of the Town' and two ladies

Phil with school children during his time in London during this tour

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