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Re: 1962 European Tour of The Everly Brothers (#79)

"Don Everly had taken ill before the first performance....Phil Everly performed a number of UK shows alone before the remaining European dates were cancelled.

He told the audience who'd been very supportive that first night, 'I really do appreciate this. Wold you please give a big hand to my brother? He's not here to enjoy it.'

Phil later stated, 'Donald had not been well for a while, and we were semi-cognizant of his situation. It was just the most dreadful period I could ever imagine. There were like eight thousand different things causing it. It was just terrible.

Joey Page got me through the 1962 tour, particularly that first night at East Ham. That was my first solo on stage. I had to switch over to Don's part which I found very difficult. I sang the harmony part of "Lucille" all the way through. But there was nothing I could do - it was like the show must go on kinda silliness or put everybody out of work. But also too, I didn't know whether it was the end totally. I had no idea what the situation was. I knew we'd best continue and bring the finds in.'" (everlypedia)

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